Maturity Scale
The maturity scale is a way to indicate the level of robustness of any pattern in this style guide. New patterns should be released into the style guide following these rules, assess each pattern independently.


  • The user need has been identified, but the approach to solving the problem has not yet been decided.
  • The team has decided to tackle this UI pattern.
  • Pattern has been listed in the Roadmap.


Includes everything from the Planned phase, as well as:

  • Pattern is actively being defined. Use at risk, and with caution.
  • Pattern may be generally usable for people with relatively “normal” digital literacy.
  • Pattern is not approved for for use in production.
  • Documentation may/may not be complete.


Includes everything in the Planned and Draft phases, as well as:

  • Pattern works in multiple configurations, and with other patterns in the Style Guide.
  • Pattern is usable, on multiple devices/browsers.
  • Pattern considers people with multiple disabilities (blind, low vision, cognitive disabilities, motor disabilities, low language skills, low digital literacy, etc.).
  • Pattern has been reviewed by internal/external teams.
  • The pattern has passed any heuristic assessments.
  • Documentation is complete.

Retired .

  • Pattern is no longer fit for purpose
  • It should be removed from production, and will be removed from the Style Guide in due course.